IVL Dice: a new scale for volumetric lighting

Fill the space with an IVL Dice set up, surrounding the artist and audience, in a symphony of mesmerizing beams, enveloping shapes, smooth movements, and vivid colors.All constantly evolving. Whether above a stage or a dance floor, the IVL Dice is very easy to install at multiple points and in various configurations. An IVL Dice installation creates strong geometric shapes, structuring your space in ways similar to larger setups, but without the need for extensive volume, structure and quantity.

NEXT-GEN light shows for small and mid-sized venues

An Output for Each Moment and Much More.

With its innovative moving core combined with the renowned 8 tilts system (2 sides by tilt, mirror and frost), the IVL Photon has 3 main outputs:

immersive (mirror),  decorative (frost) and the creative punch (moving core).

A standard DMX control provides endless possibilities to customize the outputs to each moments: 9 gobos (creating from 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 to 256 beams), dimmer and RGB control for each of the 8 mirror tilts, and an electronic shutter. Never had a luminaire allowed such a level of creativity while being so easy to use. IVL Photon can be incorporated into any kind of show or event thanks to its compact design, extreme versatility, and low logistics requirements.

IVL DICE: Endless excitements in a compact housing.

A compact housing,

an extensive space coverage

38cm (15 inch), 10kg (22 lbs), 200W, 49 DMX channels

4 tilts, 90° aperture per tilt

 8 dimmers, 8 RGB, 9 gobos

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A modular conception

For any IVL Dice inventory, a service extension kit extends the warranty of the four main modules to 5 years. The service extension kit, which includes a spare for each module, enables any company to become its own service center. The module designed with a plug-and-play approach, becomes replaceable within minutes, even on site. This design simplifies and speeds up replacement, while also enhancing safety; critical parts are shielded from accidental contact, as shown right now with the main electronic board embedded in this DMX module: an innovative modular conception saving precious time and cost.

IVL Dice Product Video