Make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Minuit Une develops, designs, and manufactures innovative lighting solutions dedicated to giving smaller productions the magnitude and emotions of big arena lighting experiences: the IVL Lighting range. No need to accumulate quantities of equipment. The thrill already starts with one single IVL luminaire.

IVL Lighting Makes the Difference for Various Applications

No need to accumulate large quantities of equipment. The thrill starts with a single Minuit Une luminaire.


With its innovative moving core combined with the renowned 8 tilts system (2 sides by tilt, mirror and frost), the IVL Photon has 3 main outputs:

Immersive (mirror),  Decorative (frost) and the Creative Punch (moving core).

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IVL Square are multi-directional, immersive, wide-covering area fixtures, to make the difference, free of heavy logistics.

Each IVL Square is covering a wide area by producing 4 directive light plans, one by each side of the square. Each plan is adjustable at a 180° angle to create stunning perspectives when combined together. The light plans of each IVL Square can be cut into 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 beams: Welcome to a new world of infinite possibilities.

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IVL Lighting by Minuit Une - Make the Show!