The Smoke Factory Fan Fogger is ideal for open air stages, stadiums or large laser shows.
With a 2600-watt fog machine and a 1060-watt wind machine, huge amounts of fog can be produced and quickly distributed throughout the stage.

The ability to control fog and wind separately makes it easy to create a haze effect on large stages. With the help of the high-quality air baffle, the fog can be directed in different directions.

The fan fogger is perfectly suited for touring and is built into an Amptown case.

Once everything please!
This fog/wind combination feels particularly at home on large stages in the open-air area.
Due to the separate control of the fog and wind tunnel it is possible to create everything from dense fog clouds to outdoor haze. With a 2600-watt fog machine and a 1060-watt blower a stadium stage of world stars can also be supplied.

Due to the extremely efficient use of the available energy, the fog output is considerably higher than with many comparable devices from the Far East.

Equipped as standard with 5-pin DMX512 inputs/outputs and an analogue 3-pin connection, it can be controlled via DMX, radio remote control or cable remote control.

Of course, the Fan Fogger, like almost all Smoke Factory fog machines, can also be operated in stand-alone mode or with the integrated timer. In stand-alone mode the fogging process is started by pressing the Enter key once. If this key is not pressed repeatedly, the machine will fog until the limit temperature is reached.

The permanent temperature control on the microprocessors ensures that the evaporation temperature is always correct. This ensures that no harmful substances are produced by excessively hot evaporation or that the device “spits” unevaporated fluid.

Like all Smoke Factory devices, the Fan Fogger has a quick-release system that allows the canister to be changed within seconds.

When using original fluid, we grant 3 years warranty on our devices.

Of course: Made in Germany




2600-Watt Fog | 1060-Watt Fan


240 V/50 Hz

Fog Season

~ 30 sec. to 100 %, Permanent fog at

Heating Time

~7 minutes

Fluid Consumption

240 ml/min. (max. output), 60 ml/min. (continuous)

Control Options

Analogue 0-10V (XLR remote or radio remote, available as optional accessories), DMX 512, Stand-Alone, Timer (integrated)

Weight | Dimensions

69,2 kg | 88 x 46,5 x 86 cm

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