Take the effects of your show to a new level.

The Smoke Factory SPOCK produces fog of unprecedented quality. With the latest digital technology, a clean and uniform fog pattern can be produced in all performance ranges, which was previously not possible.

With our new nozzle it is possible to make the mist appear even whiter and cloudier.

With the help of a small 24 V pump, the lower range can be very finely regulated. With the 230 V pump, on the other hand, enormous clouds of mist can be generated in the upper power range.


Blackout. The audience looks eagerly at the darkened stage, the orchestra begins to play quietly, the light slowly becomes bright and suddenly the stage is wrapped in a dense fog. More quietly than any other machine, the Spock generates enormous amounts of mist with the help of 3.1 kW.
A new nozzle makes it possible to reduce the known „hiss“ of a conventional fog machine by up to 25%.


Digital technology is entering the fog area.
The Smoke Factory SPOCK is equipped with a touch display, behind which completely new software and microprocessors are hidden. This allows many new features:

heating status

The machine shows in the display directly to which percentage it is heated up.


The RDM function can be used to set the DMX address, change the pump characteristics, display the temperature values and, if necessary, error messages.

operating hour counter

An integrated operating hour counter shows how long the device has been heated up and how long the pumps have been running.

many different setting options

With the new software it is possible that you can change settings yourself, which otherwise had to be specified by us.



Thanks to the PowerCon True1 connection, cables that are too short are a thing of the past. If required, a longer cable with a PowerCon True1 connector can be used without any problems.
The Neutrik connectors used are known for their extreme robustness and reliability. The locking system prevents unintentional removal of the plug and safe removal of the plug.



The Smoke Factory Spock can of course be controlled via the display directly on the device.
In addition, it has an integrated timer that includes various modes. The touch display makes operation and setting up the timer easier than ever before. The 3-pole analog input offers the possibility to connect a classic radio or cable remote control. Here you can choose between Direct and Latched (hold for signal, or switch on and off by pressing the button once).

DMX 512

Of course, the Spock can be controlled via the common DMX signal. Setting the address is done in no time.

In the menu you can additionally choose between single or dual channel operation. If desired, different pump modes can be set via the second channel.


The fog machine can also be optionally controlled via ArtNet or sACN via the Ethernet connection. Thus the Smoke Factory SPOCK is equipped for the most modern productions and the future standard.