Inner Circle Distribution Announces Claypaky Sharpy X-Frame Investment by LA’s Illumination Dynamics

Mark Rudge, VP of Automated Lighting at Illumination Dynamics, expressed enthusiasm about this strategic acquisition, stating, “At Illumination Dynamics, our goal is to continually elevate the standard of lighting technology available to our clients. Acquiring the Claypaky SHARPY X-FRAME aligns with our commitment to innovation, enabling us to deliver even more impactful and versatile lighting solutions.”

Filippo Frigeri, Inner Circle Distribution’s Director of Sales and Marketing, says “We are extremely happy to be partnering with companies like Illumination Dynamics in delivering this technology to the top market users”. And added: “We don’t believe we exaggerate when we say that the overall quality and flexibility of features included in the SHARPY X-FRAME is probably the best ever seen in a moving head. This is a fantastic arc lamp beam fixture like the original Sharpy but also a superb high quality framing shutter unit. A true multi-use hybrid fixture that can be a beam, spot, profile, or wash fixture, with nearly no compromise.”

Claypaky SHARPY X-FRAME is renowned for its exceptional performance, versatility, and advanced features, making it an ideal addition to Illumination Dynamics’ arsenal of cutting edge equipment.

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