Innercircle Is Excited To Announce The PlutoFresnel ProjectionLens From Astera

Harness the functionality of your favorite ellipsoidal without the limitations of cables. With the ProjectionLens, the PlutoFresnel becomes a fully mobile profile fixture with features like:

  • 16° to 36° zoom range

  • Two independent focus rings for adjusting distance and fine focus

  • Four framing shutters on two planes

  • E-sized gobo holder compatible with glass or metal gobos

  • 360° of barrel rotation


    With these new capabilities, we know our customers will love the flexibility of running the Pluto as a spotlight, fresnel, or gobo projector. 

    The ProjectionLens easily mounts to the front of the PlutoFresnel.  The dual focus system ensures sharp framing cuts and perfect gobo edges while the 16° to 36° zoom negates the need for lens swaps.  A fully rotating barrel makes positioning gobos fast and efficient.  An integrated cable eyelet makes for safe and secure overhead mounting.

    Each ProjectionLens comes with:

    • 1 x Lens Cap
    • 1 x Kit of four Gobos
    • 1 x Gobo Holder (size E)
    • 1 x Safety Wire 

    The ProjectionLens is the perfect complement to the impressive features of the PlutoFresnel. 

    The PlutoFresnel offers full mobility thanks to an integrated battery and wireless control via the AsteraApp or CRMX wireless DMX. An IP55 rating means the PlutoFresnel is capable of indoor and outdoor environments.  With a beautiful color rendition from the Titan LED engine and a beam angle of 15° to 60°, the PlutoFresnel offers incredible performance at only 80W. Paired with the new ProjectionLens, the Pluto is the do-anything light ready for any scenario.  


    Perfect for: 

    • Film and broadcast
    • Concerts
    • Theater
    • Tradeshows
    • Events 

    Whether operating wired or wireless, we know our customers will love the new capabilities the ProjectionLens brings to the PlutoFresnel. Your next lighting setup just became easier!

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