Smoke Factory Appoint Inner Circle Distribution as New Distributor

Inner Circle Distribution (ICD) has been appointed by Smoke Factory GMBH as the exclusive distributor for North America, South America and the Caribbean for its premium line of Foggers and Hazers.

ICD will handle an inventory of all products and spare parts and field technical specialists to look into all customer queries. As well as this, ICD will look after sales, marketing, service and technical support dealers.

Smoke Factory’s parts and fluid are identical to the equipment that ICD customers would have purchased previously as they are both manufactured by the same factory, Ottec. The transition for ICD’s existing customers will be smooth due to ICD’s ability to service and supply the foggers and hazers that they’ve sold over the last dozen years.

Mario Rincon, Smoke Factory CEO said his company has been looking to increase their presence in North America, and that Inner Circle Distribution proved to be a great fit. Benjamin Stocklow, Smoke Factory Director of Sales, said: “ICD’s reputation for top level sales and service are right in line with our companies philosophies.”

Noel Duncan, Managing Partner and Director of ICD Sales said: “A extensive product line of professional fog and haze solutions from Germany is just what our customers want. We now have another top-of-category product line with exclusive offerings, and I can’t wait to share it with our customers.”

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