EXALUX™ CONNECT RX100S is a compact wireless DMX receiver especially designed to be powered through the USB connectors of a LED panel. RX100s can also run up to 10 hours with the small PowerBank battery.
The unit is compatible with any LED fixtures thanks to the flexible «connector on cable» system.

CONNECT RX100S, in short:

• Built-in CRMX by LumenRadio receiver

•1 DMX universe

• +5VDC power mode,

• USB connector shield,

•Internal Antenna

• Neutrik™ XLR connectors, industry standard compliant.

CONNECT RX100S wireless DMX receiver is fully compliant with all CRMX by LumenRadio™ transceivers, such as CONNECT TX100N and CONTROL ONE.

Technical Specifications

Power Connection

Micro USB | 2200mAh PowerBank battery

Interface: Link / Unlink (switch), Power, RF link, Paired, DMX, Signal level (LED)

Power Consumption: ~0,6W

Housing / Construction: Polyoxyméthylène

IP Rating: IP20

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Weight: 150g


Standard/technology: CRMX by LumenRadio™

Frequency: 2,402 ~ 2,480 GHz

Antenna connector: Internal, chip on PCB

RF output: 20 dBm (100mW)

RF modulation: GFSK

Range: Up to 50m (depending on the transmitter and the environment)


Protocol: DMX512-A

Universe support: 1

DMX frame rate: 0,8-7352 Hz

End to end latency: < 5ms

DMX Output: Neutrik XLR 5 pin female


DC Input Voltage: Min: 4.5VDC | Typ: 5VDC | Max: 5.5VDC

Storage T°: Min: -30°C | Typ : 25°C | Max: +80°C

Operating T°: Min: -20°C | Typ : 25°C | Max: +70°C

EXALUX™ CONNECT RX100S wireless DMX receiver also works perfectly with other CRMX devices available on the market such as EXALUX CONTROL ONE or CONTROL SKY.


Wireless DMX in your pocket, freedom to move.

CONNECT RX100S is so small and light that it can be easily hidden in clothes and be forgotten. With its internal antenna, you can easily use your RX100S without fear of breaking it.

Truly universal and really user-friendly.

The XLR connector on the cable makes the CONNECT RX100S truly universal. It adapts to all lighting fixtures on the market regardless of the orientation of their DMX connector.

Several hours of connectivity with just a tiny battery.

A very small powerbank will be more than enough to power the CONNECT RX100S for more than 10 hours. No need to wait for the unit to be recharged, simply replace it when it is discharged.

Need to run longer? Use a bigger battery!

LumenRadio CRMX™

Based on LumenRadio CRMX™ technology, EXALUX™ CONNECT RX100S brings DMX fidelity without any latency.