EXALUX™ CONTROL TOUCH STUDIO is a turn-key solution that makes it possible to control lighting fixtures for small TV and radio sets with sense and simplicity.

CONTROL TOUCH STUDIO includes the following elements :

#1 CONTROL HMI 5’’, the wall-mount touch controller (main),

#2 CONTROL HUB, the interconnection interface.

A second CONTROL HMI 5″ touch controller is available on option.

EXALUX™ CONTROL HMI 5’’ is a wall/panel mount touch controller designed to control the fixtures. it replaces standard hardware consoles or DMX recorders.

EXALUX™ CONTROL HUB is is the link between the CONTROL TOUCH HMI and the fixtures. The role of the unit is to manage the information from the various inputs that is required to control the DMX fixtures. The DMX fixtures are connected to the HUB through wired or wireless (CRMX™ by LumenRadio™) DMX link.

You can connect up to two CONTROL TOUCH HMI to a CONTROL HUB. This makes it possible to install one touch controller in the studio and another in the control room to make live adjustments.

Technical Specifications

Control Touch

Power/Data Connection: RJ45

Display Type: TFT 5.0’’, 480x854, Capacitive Touch

Power Consumption: 2,1W (@24VDC)

Housing / Mounting: ABS PC / Wall or Panel mountable

IP Rating: IP4X

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Weight: 130g

Control Hub

Power Consumption: 1.5W

Input Voltage: Min: 22.0VDC | Typ: 24.0 VDC | Max: 26.0VDC

Housing / Mounting: ABS-PC / DIN RAIL

IP Rating: IP30

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Weight1: 125g


A Great Solution, for Tight Budgets

When we created CONTROL TOUCH STUDIO, we thought of small studios and tight budgets.

CONTROL TOUCH STUDIO combines the functions of several devices in a single unit.
Our solution will help you save time, money and improve the efficiency in daily operations.

Double Screen, Control Anywhere

CONTROL TOUCH will make you able to manage your lights from several locations. You can therefore install one screen in the studio and another in the control room.  You will thus be able to make live adjustments if necessary.

Work Safely, Get More Flexibility

The DMX input can be used to connect your DMX recorder, already installed or a backup console. If the X-LINK link goes down, the HUB automatically switches to the DMX input in order to keep control of the fixtures.


Based on LumenRadio CMRX™ technology, CONTROL HUB wireless DMX transmitter brings DMX fidelity without any latency.
Wireless DMX will help you saving time during installation and more flexibility in operation.

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