Rainroof Large

We have Rainroofs in all sizes to fit your needs.

The rain cover is surprisingly simple to use and assemble and well thought through in the choice of design and materials used

• Comes with cable entry, a lifting eye

• Optional with safety steel and 2x trigger clamps.

• Available in black: (silver on request)

Suitable for:
– Clay Packy: SuperSharpy, Axcor Spot 300
– Martin: Mac Axiom Hybrid – Quantum profile
– Robe: Pointe en Mega Pointe

– Size: 60cm diameter
– Weight: 7.2 kg
– Max. Load 75kg
– Max. 1500W movinghead

Transport: 12 pcs in dolly: 80x120cm x 175cm / 31.5×47.2 x 68-inch 167kg / 370lb


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