At Viso Systems, our mission is to support the luminaire manufacturers with powerful, yet easy-to-use measurement and control solutions. Hence we hope to help expanding the marketplace for white and color-changing luminaire manufacturers and increase the installation and market potential for such lighting devices.

Light Measurement Systems. Choose between three different sizes to fit your needs.

State-Of-The Art Software: Light Inspector ®

The Viso Light Inspector® controls all light measurement systems from Viso.
It is the most intuitive goniometer software system on the market. All measured light data is shown in-real time and the photometric results are displayed graphically to give you a fast overview.


Cutting-edge and modern design is key for the success of our solutions, as the quality of our products is reflected in their visual representation in installations. Therefore, the first step of the creation of new products is always connected with a thorough and deliberate design. Hence designs are fitted perfectly with the specific types of new products’ application. Afterwards we make sure that all installation and service requirements are fulfilled. We also support customers with their own individual laboratory designs in order to fulfil their requirements and provide the best services possible.

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New From Viso Systems - Labarazzi

Labarazzi, The Unique Flicker Generator

The Labarazzi® TLA generator is your tool to generate flickering light for test and demonstration. Use the preset flicker signals or design your own signals. Test your flicker meter or your video camera. Use Labarazzi flicker generator in quality tests, lighting education and in research projects.