LabSpion Light Measurement System

The Viso Light Inspector® is the most intuitive light measurement software on the market. This photogoniometer interface and PC software system is included in all Viso’s light measurement products. All measured data is shown in real-time. Photometric results are displayed graphically to give you a fast overview.

Several language versions are available: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese and Danish.

New feature: Express export of measurement data to generate ready-to-upload EPREL zip-files – read more here.


This webinar showcases the Viso system with the Light Inspector software. All light measurement software functions are displayed step by step

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The Light Inspector software supports custom design of PDF reports. This powerful feature allows you to fully customize your report design to display your corporate identity. Microsoft Word is the only editor needed to create your own report templates. This feature allows you to display exactly the data that is important for your particular products.

The Light Inspector is the first light measurement software that gives you full power over your reporting. This eases the workflow: Data sheets can go straight from the lab to your website without the need for design assistance.