EXALUX™ CONNECT RX200N is an ultra compact wireless RDM/DMX receiver. The unit is RDM and DMX compliant, making it ready for the DMX of the future.

CONNECT RX200N, in a short:

• Built-in LumenRadio CRMX™ receiver

• 1 DMX universe

• RDM compliant

• Wide range DC power mode

• Aluminium unibody enclosures

• Neutrik™ XLR connectors, industry standard compliant.

Technical Specifications

Power Connection

2.0x5.5MM DC jack

Interface: Unlink (switch), Power, Paired, DMX, Signal level (LED)

Power Consumption: <0.9W

Housing / Mounting: Aluminum

IP Rating: IP30

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Weight: 80g


Input Voltage: Min: 4.5VDC | Typ: 5VDC | Max: 26VDC

Storage T°: Min: -20°C | Typ : 25°C | Max: +75°C

Operating T°: Min: -10°C | Typ : 25°C | Max: +55°C


Standard/technology: LumenRadio CRMX™

Frequency: 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz

Antenna: Omnidirectional, 2.4GHZ 2.0dBi, SMA

Receiver sensitivity: -93 dBm

RF output: 20 dBm (100mW)

RF modulation: GFSK

Range: Up to 300m (depending on the transmitter and the environment)


Protocol: DMX512-A / RDM ANSI E1.20

Universe support: 1

DMX frame rate: 0,8-830Hz

End to end latency: < 5ms

DMX Output: Neutrik XLR 5 pins male

EXALUX™ CONNECT RX200N CRMX receiver works perfectly with the EXALUX™ CONNECT CRMX family such as CONNECT TX100N.


Smaller & Stronger

RX200N features a one-piece housing made from a block of aluminum, allowing it to get a compact and stronger design.
The external antenna allows a long range (up to 500m depending on the transmitter and the environment).

DMX & RDM Compliant

CONNECT RX200N is DMX512 and RDM compliant. It means that it will allow configuration, status monitoring, and management of RDM devices.

Wide Range Power Modes

Thanks to its wide supply range (+5 to 26VDC), CONNECT RX200N can be powered through the USB connector of a DMX fixture, a Vlock battery through the D-TAP connector or any external PSU.

Removable Antenna

The connect RX200N‘S antenna is removable, meaning you can replace it by a different model to better suit your needs.

LumenRadio CRMX™

Based on LumenRadio CRMX™ technology, EXALUX™ CONNECT RX200N brings DMX fidelity without any latency.

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