EXALUX™CONTROL ONE is an all-in-one wireless DMX controller making it possible to remotely control the most popular DMX fixtures in a simple and intuitive way.

CONTROL ONE is your ideal companion to control all your DMX devices on cinema sets. It is also perfect for small TV studio setups.

Take control of all your DMX fixtures in a simple and intuitive way. Wired or wireless, the choice is yours.

Technical Specifications

Interface: TFT 5.0’’, 800x480 pixels, Capacitive Touch, Super bright Master & settings (knobs)Memory store/restore CRMX Link, Black-out, Lock

Power Consumption: Min: ~2,1W (Screen Off) MAX: ~4,2W (Screen & CRMX On) STANDBY: ~0,025W

Display Type: TFT 5.0’’, 480x854, Capacitive Touch

Housing / Mounting: Aluminum, black painting

IP Rating: IP30

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Weight: 700g (without battery)


Standard/technology: CRMX by LumenRadio™

Frequency: 2,402 ~ 2,480 GHz

Antenna: Omnidirectional 2.4GHZ 2.0dBi, SMA

RF output: 20 dBm (100mW)

RF modulation: GFSK

Range: Up to 300m (depending on the transmitter and the environment)


Protocol: DMX512-A

Universe support: 1

DMX frame rate: 0,8-830Hz

End to end latency: < 5ms

DMX Input: Neutrik XLR 5 pins Female

DMX Output: Neutrik XLR 5 pins Male


Storage T°: Min: -30°C | Typ : 25°C | Max: +80°C

Operating T°: Min: -20°C | Typ : 25°C | Max: +60°C



The Swiss army knife of DMX

EXALUX™ CONTROL ONE is the perfect tool for setup days when using DMX controlled elements. The unit features 5 Apps in an elegant and compact enclosure.

With CONTROL ONE, all the DMX tools you need are at your fingertips!

Control in Motion

TOUCH 5 HMI combines efficient tools in an elegant and user-friendly user interface.

Upgradable and Ready for The Future

Updated libraries are released regularly, making Exalux control one a “future proof” device, ready to control the latest fixtures. Update your DMX library using the USB port.

Hybrid controls

Save your settings into the 8 available memories and reload them with a single touch of the screen.

Wide range power mode

EXALUX™CONTROL ONE features a small DMX recorder capable of recording sequences of 80 seconds from the DMX input. This makes it possible to record the most useful effects and play them back later on set.

Wide Range Power Mode

Thanks to its wide supply range (+5 to 28VDC), EXALUX™ CONTROL ONE can be powered from a V-Lock battery, an external PSU or a small PowerBank.

Switching from one power mode to another does not disconnect the DMX devices from the unit.

LumenRadio CRMX™

Based on LumenRadio CRMX™ technology, EXALUX™CONTROL ONE brings DMX fidelity without any latency.