ASTERA 100% Wireless Lights

Astera is a German hardware, software and manufacturing specialist. Since the mid-2000s, Astera has been producing battery powered, remote controlled LED lights. In 2007 Astera moved its factory from Germany to Shenzhen/China, the worldwide hub of LED technology and electronic innovation. By now, this factory has been expanded to more than 5000 sqm and is run by an international team of specialists.


Max. 20h

Advanced battery technology and control lets you set the battery runtime to up to 20h. You can be sure that your Entertainment lighting won’t run out of juice before your show is finished.

Wireless DMX

We included the most reliable wireless DMX module on the market compatible with CRMX and other wireless DMX standards but not W-DMX G5 and City Theatrical.

App control

AsteraApp offers intuitive and fast control of complex lighting setups and is also used to change DMX settings of the Wireless event lights as well as monitor them out of the distance.

IP65 Waterproof

Our Astera fixtures are built tough with IP65 waterproof housings, ensuring worry-free usage anywhere. While most of our products boast this rating, it's important to note exceptions: the NYX Bulb with IP44, connected via AC + FP5-SP in DC socket IP20; Leo and Pluto both hold an IP55 rating.

Battery operated, remote controlled Film & Entertainment lighting for professionals, with the most advanced technology